Leg Day 

​How could I be ‘ Free ’ like you ? A very interesting question by friend of mine , when we were working out in gym . It rained heavily throughout the night . So we were the only two people In gym at that time. As a rule, if your friend feels good about you , you have to make him feel good too. I replied – “ quit your hobby of dying of daily basis , You are not going to be free . You are already free . ” then  he told about his responsibility as brother , as a son and as a citizen ; and said – “these responsibilities never let me quit. ” 

I cannot express in adequate terms what is freedom , or how is the state of free , but I told him – “Well, you can be bound in the responsibilities and yet be fearless . To me , work is the first stage of the journey to freedom . Bear in mind that doing acts unattached is exceedingly difficult ; that therefore the path of love is A shared experience of freedom . So March on with responsibilities and Never halt till you have come up to the great ideal of your life .”  he again shoot a tactful question , “ what is the great ideal of my life?” ha ha it was a trick question and I replied in a same manner -“ to experience who you are , is great ideal of your life .It is high time to have one aim ; but knowledge of self implies a knowledge of many . There is no reason to believe that competition is necessary to progress . I can’t help you but the free must certainly be beyond cause and effect .”

P.s. – scars , because I did my heaviest squat .

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