“castle in the air”

On aqueous alley, I waits for you everyday I miss you at dawning And  gloaming everyday To write about you With galaxies in my eyes And flames in my heart I clasped my pen Ready to break every inch of you into thousands and thousands  rising colors By my words, During breaking you in thousands …

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” Secret “

He was chasing the moon, when he have million stars Her benevolence educe him allied to truth The breeze was gentle The wood was quiescent He broke the silence Asked  for her hand for lifetime She gave him her heart Together their heart skips the reticence of wood Like stones across the surface of water …

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“Mixture of infinite”

He was taking his newly storify  plenary heart Fictionalized from the heart of dying star Through  the spiral galaxy Had wandered for eons So diligent to shield his delicate heart Experienced he never had anything to relinquish His heart was  vacant from love Floating between irregular star bevy His heart starts  fiery calmly His eyes …

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” Untitled Love story “

Nor dark nor light nothing escaped her sight. She would get a read on him like he had no skin. In love the boy fell on hearing the truth that She had already written the last page of their story. Together they found their lights and makes stars jealous He read the whole story but …

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” The Elixir “

You're the coruscating phosphorescent In my murky corner , Your latency  starts taking every corner Of my  decaying  heart, There was an Alchemy in you, Awaiting for my dying heart, Like A new-born hurt beast, I crossed every limit , Leapt over every stars Slept on moons, to hunt you and get my Elixir KapildsRawat