Guest Post : Pankaj Sharma.


I Volunteer to Die

Whenever you are on a long romantic drive

And see the Tricolour proudly flying high

See that somewhere far away, a soldier stands

Weary in deserts or in some distant foreign lands

Protecting the tricolour from any of the foe

Standing tall, proud whether it’s heavy rain or snow

He keeps wondering what he might have done

If he had not chosen to carry a gun

Even when he is overworked without a shade

Soldier is a patriot who is born and not made

Sometimes you might think he has a bad attitude

But maybe that is because of long periods of solitude

He faces bullets and embraces death many a time

So that his countrymen and women can peacefully dine

You may think for him this is just another task

He did not do it as a job but for his love for Tricolour was…

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Unrequited Love – IV.


Love…such a small word of four letters but holds so much in it…love between married couples, the boy friend girl friend kind of love, love between family, love between strangers. Yes it does exist do you not feel love towards random twitter people at times? I do… and then there is love between friends…platonic love.

Love that is may be more than the gf bf kinds…love that expects you to be there more than family at times and love that just makes you cuddle or be near someone more than your better half at moments. Platonic love…when you know your soul loves someone more than it should or when you want to kiss someone but not in a physical way. It exists. Damn!

A special kind of hell in love is the unrequited one. One sided affair…The one in which either you are at the giving end or receiving one…its…

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