Santa Claus

​So the new year thing is buzzing around, I am going to see another new year but the problem is I have no plans for new year.Even a street dog has plan for the new year , it made me jealous so I googled " How my new year could be fascinating" And I got …

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Merry Of Skull

​Through fog of dew that song takes me back home a drowned lank dew bind it inmost my clay  Somehow I move by hymn of love and hope I don't know how that helps me breathe freely The Soft glow pluck me when I am down I neer wrote them in rock to get uphold …

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Wintry Birdsong

​You leave me  In the place you bequeath  all your album Then we're walking closer to winter Now I long for you to come  Winter is oncoming Sea is raging at my feet I've been in so many places  I am here to explain What you mean to me  World may not know  seeing you …

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