World Tourism Day 

​Last day , I and my friend went to the highest peak in our town for hiking  . Very few sights are as blissful as two friends looking the cities from top of the city .  I suggest my friend , “ let's meditate .  ” . He replied  “ “naah ! I will explore …

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Leg Day 

​How could I be ‘ Free ’ like you ? A very interesting question by friend of mine , when we were working out in gym . It rained heavily throughout the night . So we were the only two people In gym at that time. As a rule, if your friend feels good about …

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Moments of clarity 

​Things those are lost , in reality aren't utterly lost . It is sweet ,  when you are full of love because it gives you sense to see from what evils you are yourself exempt . But nothing is more welcome than to be aware of  your own pattern and to be conscious about your …

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