” Religion “

You are the first line of my clerestory You will be the final word of my story I have so much in me, getting weirder And it only can be fused with fair weather Dancing on your shoulder I will chase you with wind to the river Filled with the night flowers To be wherever …

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” Fireflies “

Chasing fireflies in a chimera they lead to light Just because I am mislaid Doesn't mean I forget what I am seeking for The minds remember when heart get blind I just set my eyes on darkening skies Out here darkness keep my secrets Incapable to cognize where the day spring cease and the starlight …

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“New rising Sun”

Not able to see world undoubtedly With eyes filled by captured moments of veracity Heart full and heavy with perspicacity Still can't see the battle between mind and heart Because too much knowing but afraid to applying Knowing it is superior to take the air alone than with a crowd going in the wrong region …

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