When I die

‘When I die’Holds space of soft decay,An ache to belong elsewhere ,A need to slip awayfrom everything .When I die ,Stirs dreams of existenceFar from all the timesI sat with wishy washy hearts .Then,All at once I am there ,Free from joy or pain ,Reliving the minute,Right before it rains ,Letting flowers having me ;When …

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Roots and worms

•I've came a long way ,Tired,ButI heard your voice,It gets slow ,I go with it ,In the curl of an ocean waveUntil a canopy of trees,Take care of my gentleness .Softly embraced ,by the windswept trees ,Resting deep among the roots and worms .Yeah !  talk to me , use treesWhen no one is listeningAnd …

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Soft places

•Maybe , you are the place You've been longing to exist within;to spend mornings wrapped in peace And where you have enough space, For snowy trees to nestled in. In the slow fumes ,As snow touches branchesI hope , you could unfurls to that soft and peaceful place; As a feather ,Through an exploding world_______

Old grey night

•Old grey night ,Can't be stopped , sloweddespite of glowing remnants of ;Shining snow and sunset rainbow.In this slick whisper of timethe little things ,  I findIn awe of your dusk ,Flowering damask rose ;In my roots .To let me know you are nearthat I should know with out fear.•____________________________ - © The Himalayan Messiah.