An empty cup

•I can not move,I feel so brittle,I stare at an empty cup,Resting on the tablethat can not moveAndbrittle too ,with the windows open.A train cry ,A little rain ,A quiet lightening ,I get up,less lonely;With the windows open .To see ,clouds ,Raindropsandlittle intimacy;In the shadows of the nights .•

When I die

‘When I die’Holds space of soft decay,An ache to belong elsewhere ,A need to slip awayfrom everything .When I die ,Stirs dreams of existenceFar from all the timesI sat with wishy washy hearts .Then,All at once I am there ,Free from joy or pain ,Reliving the minute,Right before it rains ,Letting flowers having me ;When …

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Roots and worms

•I've came a long way ,Tired,ButI heard your voice,It gets slow ,I go with it ,In the curl of an ocean waveUntil a canopy of trees,Take care of my gentleness .Softly embraced ,by the windswept trees ,Resting deep among the roots and worms .Yeah !  talk to me , use treesWhen no one is listeningAnd …

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Soft places

•Maybe , you are the place You've been longing to exist within;to spend mornings wrapped in peace And where you have enough space, For snowy trees to nestled in. In the slow fumes ,As snow touches branchesI hope , you could unfurls to that soft and peaceful place; As a feather ,Through an exploding world_______