Myth From Memories

​You can’t take love with you 

You used to reflect 

When you gone for forever

Can you ? 

The way you held 

My parts of past 

That are just dust now 

Still has your love 

There’s a bird on wire 

Watching you loving me 

Don’t stop

Not now, not ever 

Bother me 

Tell me awful things 

Try to see the hurt in me

That Smothering your love 

You might be disappeared

But still I hold on to your words 

And stay with you forever .



​When world making my edges rough 

Sometimes I tries fitting in

I know not one can handle all of me 

I was everything, once 

Now I need to learn to make my own sun 

I’m not sure when we will overlap 

Yet I am slowly pulling it inward

Taking reflective pauses

And then beautifully pushing  

To be what I was before 

As long as I can remember 

Maybe I could never be everything again 

And, maybe it’s never been as seems from outside 

I wish I had confidence to regenerate again 

When  something goes wrong 

All the ways to do it trapped inside me 

And I’ve no idea how to let them come out of me 

But I would let you find me anyway .


Wrap your poems around me; 

make me feel whole . 

I want to know 

How it is to be loved.

Let me feel you softly

In many things, 

Become something I can hold 

In my hands 

Maybe then i will forget, 

How it is to be alone 

Every ache I’ve ever felt , 

Stored in soft sentiments .

Suddenly there was an answer 

Can you love me again ? 

Can we go back? 

Can we heal together?

Can we just forget 

Everything we did and said 

Maybe we can 

cause in the end we’re all heathen”

Layers of Truth

The Season changed 

In the light

Shadow , delusion and reflection

Are changing too, 

Yet I still feel your aching for me

So I write but never alone 

It’s not best I can do 

It can’t be over 

Could’ve been more 

Could’ve been whole 

Cause I just don’t understand 

Does it come as another person pain? 

Not sure about anything 

Still I want to tell you 

it will be beautiful 

Like warmth in glass of whiskey

will reveal the layers of truth

You hid away from yourself 

will make you realize 

You were never meant to understand 

And then it will be easier 

To feel safer

Why my friend isn’t rich yet ?

​My friend came over to me and said why I am not rich yet after reading  this think grow and rich grow . So I’ve a question What does your favorite quote tells about you ?

I am at that age where quotes do not drive me anymore . But When I see the kind of motivational stuff that makes me question everything and Nothing, all in the same breath and I  start to think about the man who coined that quote . I appreciate his precise effort to discovering the science behind the failure and giving another problem as solution . So ultimately the illusion of solving problem is problem too. I know it’s easy if we Do accordingly our favorite quotes to get we are looking for but at the same time we’ve some problem within us and some doubts . Wait another quote by another great  can help ha ha! , it’s really complicated . If we only had a few breaths left , we will still look for quote that tell us what to do when we are dying and when we proceed to do as great quote prescribed ,  we will find we’re dying and we are in no position to do that . Your mind got stuck and suddenly light appears in a form of social media post /in form of a book , posted / written by a random person who is also a loser but kind busy to telling people not to be a loser . I admire people that are struggling but don’t look for another person to tell you what’s your weakness , don’t go for the self help books, it’s really difficult to understand that so better keep in mind whatever things you are doing should’ve appear as one since start to end,  then you don’t need anymore motivation .

Softest strong

“jñānena tu tad ajñānaṁ yeṣhāṁ nāśhitam ātmanaḥ

teṣhām āditya-vaj jñānaṁ prakāśhayati tat param”
It means “When, however, one is enlightened with the knowledge by which nescience is destroyed, then his knowledge reveals everything, as the sun lights up everything in the daytime.” Sometimes I get Asked why I hate people for no reason , why I can’t answer politely, since I am not going to change their minds , so I put myself In introspection to reduce the level of my unnecessary hating /argument ability and I’ve figured out truth stays free of ideological influence.

I am thankful to that person who made me to introspect and share immense knowledge with me . When we are at the place where the system values high grade more than student value learning but This person taught me if having to tolerate others is affecting your well being, show them what they’re searching and unable to find by becoming something too soft to hold on to , it’s not easy but that’s exactly what we deserve.We can’t expect everybody to be compassionate to each other 365 days a year but this heart is not going to break by itself so don’t worry about your heart and wait patiently for something you can’t define . That is how this person show me to see pattern as well as see through the pattern and yeah ! After a deep conversation with the person I haven’t met yet because we do not know one another outside Instagram , I find myself in the sunlight and set to be softest strong .


​I am the sky 

With infinite horizons , 

Trying to be softest strong,

Letting go of the right and wrong , 

I am not sure I’ll survive , 

yet I’ve the will to thrive

In places I don’t belong, 

All I’ve is this song, 

Telling the delicate art of enough ,

And yet not enough but more, 

Put me back in the jar,

I want to dream of galaxies far , 

Like welding seen through foundry smoke, 

Hazy minds and clear hearts , 

Guiding towards sunrise,

Through dark night and darker minds ,

in your own language of spices And sage ,

Through the asylum to the sanctuary

From love letters to obituary, 

Worth more than anything I’ve ever been given,

Is the memories you’ve left with me.

– Art credit to respective owners

Chocolates and Country

As a child , one of the thing that fascinated me was Independence day celebration . Ideally speaking My country is set to touch the new horizons in every field .

Idly speaking we are always wondering what the fuck is going on. The death of more than 60 children in a major referral hospital in Uttarpradesh was an entirely preventable tragedy. Yeah! I hate reading  newspaper but let me clarify That I believe in  bravery and I am ready to beat up  rapists/molesters/pedophiles/bullies etc .to pulp helping this godforsaken country remain at better place than it deserves to be. 

Then I read the cow vigilant thing on the Nation column of the newspaper and I stopped reading newspaper .

I was wondering and confused at the same moment my mother came up with the Really  motivational stuff ”  stop reading newspaper and go through the day, bring some chocolates for the unknown 10 year old kid who has arrived after attending Independence day celebration in school with his mother . I went to the market and bought some chocolates . Before giving that boy chocolates I asked him a question -“ what you like about our country ?” He replied- “ I don’t know much about our country but I love the fact that our country has more festivals to celebrate than any other country.”

This was the answer that makes me to give him the biggest chocolate which I bought for myself ,I hate myself but he knows something that most of us has forgotten and trying not to drown while watching other drowning.

You stopped looking for new Beginning

​When youthful wanderings on the sunny beaches of the world , two days ago I and my friend had visited bakery shop located  5000ft. Above the sea level at Lansdowne inside the Garhwal Rifles Headquarters .

You may think at first nothing is queer about it but I want tell you it’s a journey from black and white to Digital world and returning to Black and white  . 

As we walk through very clean gateway  , I realise there is no one present in bakery at this time except the Sepoy   

At gateway and  his senior at the place order counter of the shop .

My friend rushed to the Place order counter because he  have been hungry for 2 hours while I was  Inviting Sepoy at the Gateway to join us. 

My friend had placed order and came to the our table with 2 Cadbury 5 star chocolate in hand . 

He offers chocolate to Sepoy ( Young recruit) – ” would you like to have 5 star ? Sepoy -. “ I would love it but it is not Exercised in the regular army structure .”

Then Sepoy tell us his journey from boys school  where only boys are allowed to study to joining Military forces at his teens so he did not get a chance to be friend with girls and recently becoming the owner of Red MI 4A smart  phone but he has got only one problem even having Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media inbuilt on his phone still he has no Girl as a friend . He approached my friend for help .

This was indeed a Tough situation and Our Order has arrived . My friend suggests him to join Dating sites because He believes To have a girl as a friend , you have to learn how to flirt . I think my friend is dumbest person  this Sepoy has ever met .when He was busy in making the dating profile of Sepoy , I finished fresh spinach and chevre .

Very reluctanly I picked Up my Au Lait Drink and I found these guys were seems little confused , I tried 

To discourage them because I had bitter experience on dating site but they have completed the dating profile .

And sent messages to some girls .

Today I visited To the bakery shop alone , and asked the same Sepoy how’s your Dating life going ?

He said – ” you can learn flirting but love comes naturally . Dating sites are rediculos way to die. it made interaction easy and conversation difficult.”


​My mind is quashing me

I thought I was vision less

When you foresight

You will love me 

I pretend  I am an art

When you said my name

It was not me

It was collapse of silence 

Or the sky 

I don’t know 

Every single sound of you

Guides me what to do

Now I am stuck

Amid half starlight, 

And half punk rock lyrics 

I didn’t know the answer

What will my future be?

It feels like adventure

May be 

it’s time to finish it

Or start it.