International yoga day

I was listening selena Gomez fresh song Bad Liar and I  could see pointed chin, dancing eyes ,short straight hair framing a pretty face with rosey lips calling me beautiful liar each time selena Gomez said liar . It all began at Yoga summer camp last year . I put down my yoga mat and next to me was a young girl with complexion like white cheese . 

I had never been a fan of yoga , even I don’t like going to gym .if I had a super power , it would probably be not to move . Sure  , it might not be very useful . But it wouldn’t be as bad as DC’S superhero SIX-PACK .

So I didn’t joined the yoga camp for six pack abs or anything else.

I joined the camp to know about the  girl whose house is 200 meter away from my apartment and completely new in our colony.

She introduced herself and she was from Ludhiana (Punjab ). There was still time for our instructor to come meanwhile she asked what I know about yoga? ” I  know some asana like bhujangasna, vakrasana , tadasana but I don’t know much about yoga” yeah !my mother perform it regularly while I am struggling to get out from bed.

It’s my first yoga class so you can tell me about it.

Her face lit up 

” Yoga is an art not workout” as she initiated giving me brief about yoga. 

Yoga is about well being not about weight loss, it’s derived from the Sanskrit root  ‘ yuj ‘ meaning yoke or join together.  the purpose of yoga is to unite body , mind , spirit .Yoga can help anyone, and you should give it a shot . I nodded in agreement. She was going to open her mouth to tell me more ,Our Yoga instructor has arrived and saved me . Sigh ! 

Instructor started giving us proper instructions to do the asanas Right and when we came to titli- asana I awkwardly twisted  my ankle and shouted ahhh! She said what happened , I am ok!  I said . I am in pain  but I couldn’t stop to doing titli-asana because that girl is sitting next to me . After the yoga class she noticed I got ankle sprain and not able to walk properly . She offer me help and give me lift to my home. When we were on the way to my home she asked me about why I lied and didn’t tell about  pain . I said ” because the most beautiful love stories begins with pain ” . Yeah ! You are very good at lying as she stopped her Hero Pleasure 100 cc scooter at front door of my apartment  . 

I did not go for yoga class for next day. But several months later she saved my contact number as beautiful liar in her contact list .

I never heard any song of Selena Gomez , I am listening this because her favorite singer is Selena Gomez .

Traveling to unknown

​On Saturday night  while I was indulged in hating everything that’s  happening in oddly comic sequences around me .I rescued entirely changed me .I feel I have metamorphosed into sermonizing , condemning , cynical neighbor lives next to your apartment .

You can avoid, you can go silent, you can scream , you can lock yourself but always remember if you’re alive ghost of your former self always haunt you.

So I had a meeting with my former self with closed eyes , which lasted about 90 minutes . In society where applying for UPSC is Big craze . My former self didn’t have big craze for Union Public Service commission ( UPSC) OR working in multinational company like others . But I didn’t rescued my former self to know about my career preferences , I closed my eyes to unveil the secret behind my evolution into person that hates almost everything . amidst in my quest outta nowhere A girl wearing a T shirt  with “Moschino” emblazoned  and bears an impossibly sleek 18 inch midriff wakes me up.

Now I am not interested to knowing that secret .Yeah! That’s  the best thing happened to me during traveling but I still hate Bollywood . 

Never ending love 

​Let the star fall Over and over 

Let your sigh eclipse time 

Whom shall then you fear? 

Would you do it for me 

Honey! Before you do 

Turn your twinge into ecstasy

Do it on the count of true

Stop expecting love to unchain you 

I know this is only fire might say 

A healing hand upon your heart 

A kiss upon your brow

Could stop you falling apart 

And Allow driblet of bold Peeking through

This is what all you need to remember

On the long end of the wrong night

No need to care as long as I am with you there 

Cause We still have love as much as we lost


​Before ever laying fingers

on each other 

You loved me in the secrecy

Told me something 

That blessed my heart 

Gave me warm buss

Tastes like gloss of verse 

Like bringing someone 

back into life 

It wasn’t part of your plan

There isn’t no point 

In playing in the grease 

Trying to change scary mind 

I was lonely, oddly elegant 

I knew it’s tragic 

That doesn’t include mercy

But you buried my face 

In your hair 

Put me in Portal 

To another world 

That has no end

Luck or destiny ?

​​It’s a longstanding philosophical debate about whether life is driven by destiny or if it is pushed about by luck. I want to share my experience about luck and Destiny. Three years ago three friends were sitting at table of ice cream parlour Sharing their secrets with each other. Yeah! I was with my legendary friends.

The evening was near to the end and the planner among us says guys, did anyone of you ever been in love with a girl from your high school? And pointed his finger towards me because they call me protagonist so I have to answer first. I nod my head in no and Said being in love is my favorite myth after Jesus and forward the question to the entertainer sitting across to my seat. He just finished the last sip of his cold drink and says it’s heartbreakingly glorious love story.

In deep voice, It has been 2 years now when I last time saw her and yet when I talk about her I got elated. I used to bring her chocolates in our morning chemistry classes and after class we walk together slowly to our school and took pause for long


Planner tries to show his interest in this another overrated love story during that I got a chance to check my phone.And entertainer continued and disclosed how she drift away from his reach by choosing someone else over him.

You know man to succeed in life you have multiple choice question paper but there is no choices when we concern about love and ended his heartbreakingly glorious to heart wrenching love story 

You deserve it! And we start laughing, laughing loudly.

Now it’s the turn of planner boy among us.

Now it’s your turn my planner boy as I encouraged and that incredulous look refuses to leave my face. Did I misconstrued something there?

He takes us back to the time when he was in school and teaching some mix martial arts moves to young girls and boys who don’t like to rest at home during summer.

Summer camp was running smoothly for him then one day she appears in the camp to learn several mix martial moves and his life has begun to change, constant struggle to be her friends fulfilled at the end of summer camp .

He became friendly with her and one sided love starts, but unfortunately he has to leave school for higher education and now he is sitting with us, but in reality no one is lonelier than him because he has planned his future already. 

I searched that girl’s profile on Facebook and showed to our entertainer buddy, later that evening he send that girl a cryptic message on Facebook and next morning entertainer and planner both got blocked by that girl.The entertainer guy did same thing with me several times and I got blocked too but it did not affect protagonist much untill I found one of the girl is the cast of the upcoming movie releasing in the end of April who blocked me because of his entertaining ability . Now I will be never able to get a picture and autograph with her .

After that day the lonely planner always quarrel to entertainer saying you spoiled my life dude!

.It has been 3 years now, I and the most entertaining person were sitting near lake, it’s seven in the evening; the sky appears a bright blue. The scorching summer sun has set , the air is still warm and humid. The entertainer told me about what happened to him today, when he saw the chemistry class girl with another man outside her music classes and made me aware about how the most beautiful girl he ever known got married 100 years aged basmati rice type guy while my phone rung and the man with a plan was on the call with sheer excitement.

He unrevealed that the summer camp girl met him today and unblocked him, now he is going to block both of us just for future purpose on Facebook for a short time.And entertainer again spilled his knowledge by saying luck at the right time could change your destiny.


​Once again, you let her go 

She didn’t believe in love anymore now 

But if you don’t let her go 

And say you’d have loved her forever 

At somewhere in some life 

Then sooner or later 

There will be no time to love each other 

You read the signs 

And now you know better 

It’s is going to disappear

with the magic that brings you together 

And once again, it’s a little sad 

But you still can seem her anywhere 


​I dream of you

With ageless echoes 

Rendered by the sun 

When trouble comes 

Through that pain 

I dream of you

When I know the right time for me

With French kisses

Traversed by the smell of old cities

I don’t have to sleep

For dream of you

Every Time I dream of you

There’s a question arose

And Makes me hardly breathe

When will I get free from this imprison?

I thought you were there to break me free

I wonder how long

I have to keep my eyes closed

Before I can find you 

Framboise aroma

​I may have encountered barbarian angels 

And glowering guardians 

But I have not met a girl like you 

Mantled in words 

With wild framboise aroma of old books

I wish it will not take so many years 

To meet you again 

No matter how far you have gone

Or whatever I told you

Don’t make me that loneliest boy 

Sitting against the wall 

Craving to hold your hand 

To rearrange his heartbeat 

I am Pretty sure before me, 

you have been here 

Cause I have felt 

That I have pledged to forget

I know it will not take too long 

So I’ll make sure keep my distance 

Cause I hope somehow it’s right 


​The moon rose tardily

Through the frayed 

And depressing night 

She looks at her eyes in the mirror

And felt the Rain

It happened so quickly 

As moon just keeps going

At over the edge 

Her scars begin to show 

Producing pure dopamine

And The night started whispering

Through sweet hot wind over hills 

In color of blue wolfsong