Leg Day 

​How could I be ‘ Free ’ like you ? A very interesting question by friend of mine , when we were working out in gym . It rained heavily throughout the night . So we were the only two people In gym at that time. As a rule, if your friend feels good about you , you have to make him feel good too. I replied – “ quit your hobby of dying of daily basis , You are not going to be free . You are already free . ” then  he told about his responsibility as brother , as a son and as a citizen ; and said – “these responsibilities never let me quit. ” 

I cannot express in adequate terms what is freedom , or how is the state of free , but I told him – “Well, you can be bound in the responsibilities and yet be fearless . To me , work is the first stage of the journey to freedom . Bear in mind that doing acts unattached is exceedingly difficult ; that therefore the path of love is A shared experience of freedom . So March on with responsibilities and Never halt till you have come up to the great ideal of your life .”  he again shoot a tactful question , “ what is the great ideal of my life?” ha ha it was a trick question and I replied in a same manner -“ to experience who you are , is great ideal of your life .It is high time to have one aim ; but knowledge of self implies a knowledge of many . There is no reason to believe that competition is necessary to progress . I can’t help you but the free must certainly be beyond cause and effect .”

P.s. – scars , because I did my heaviest squat .


Moments of clarity 

​Things those are lost , in reality aren’t utterly lost . It is sweet ,  when you are full of love because it gives you sense to see from what evils you are yourself exempt . But nothing is more welcome than to be aware of  your own pattern and to be conscious about your motivation.

If you think  that at the end of the day your lights are small and not capable of giving birth to new motion of things . Just remember you did not do it for recognition. But if anyone believes that you are doing it to find yourself , remind them you aren’t lost . You are remembering . You have been never lost ; what you have done , all the good you have shouted and all the bad you have whispered – were methods to release the energetic pattern that created this experience . 

Again things which look to you  difficult and new ,  then  still stay on your lane and allow them as they are ,  while remain in tune in with them without your senses . And you will figured out that same old element, which helps them make up a single nature . 

The one Himalayan Messiah

I have no cue

From what aeon 

This Soft , weaker

The one Himalayan Messiah

Have been unfree 

in your vision

Come , Come nearer

Let me armor your Firefly essence

With peach attire

White eyes , fawn line 

Lifetime Dreamer 

Giving the shines to faces in nights 

I can’t cognize 

My rebellion 

Befall,  anon her 

Yet no one could abolish it’s signs 

Want for dark fume 

Echt Reflexion 

But,  dead flower 

Dissolving  faster than nought , I’ve known 


P.s. –  राह  में बेशुमार राहगुजर मिले,

फितूर और फकीरी ने मसीहा कर दिया। 

The one Himalayan Messiah who sold his assistant . 

​If I ever write a book , the title would be The one Himalayan Messiah who sold his assistant . Yeah ! I know about Robin Sharma but this book will be based on my friend who has third sense . And it was a great experience to have him around after so long on last friendship day. We were sitting , staring passing girls and drinking coke ; then I asked him “ when did you first realise that you have a third sense , did you meditated under a tree for almost a year or something else? ”

With calm on face he replied – “are you able to see the tree , next to you . If yes ! Then tell me what’s special about it ? And I said yeah ! But there is nothing special in it . “ Nope ! You are not true to yourself ; you have had glimpse of that but you don’t want to mention because you are trying so hard to Walk with civilized society ” and he  pointed his finger to  the vaginal shape mid of tree. 

“ sexuality is not something you should be proud of; neither you should be ashamed of , it’s a sacred thing. The day when you realised it , you will take first step towards path of self realization . And for that you don’t need to mediate for hours , all you need is embrace the nature .I was confused , and seriously !  I didn’t saw that vaginal shape but I asked him brother ! What led you to think about this nonsense things , breakup ? Have you ever went on a date with a girl ? 

He laughed and said  I went to purchase pregnancy kit with a girl ha ha ! , And the medical store owner gave me the same stern look  , you are giving me right now and formed a negative opinion about me with out knowing the situation . This is the major problem with people they pre assume everything , that girl and I were only knows each other from just a week ago . When you end up jumping to the conclusion  and remain focused on journey , it will be a second step towards your spiritual awakening . Things were getting serious , so I changed the topic and tell him look the girls passing us but why they all are no taller than 5 ft 4 inches ? And he laughed “ Because our government gives subsidies ha ha and growth isn’t possible till you have back support . I laughed too; and  said – “ You were born in gym ( according to him) and when you were born your dad said now I have a new dummble but still your physique is no closer to Mr Olympia , what’s the reason ?”  and he answered because I consume 1 INR kilograms rice and you know what “ you reflects what you intake ”  . And we left the place  but I learned five amendment of my friend which helps to develop third sense like him , that are following :-

1. Sexuality is sacred 

2. Growth is not possible untill you truly want to grow .

3. Don’t pre-assume anything 

4. You reflects what you intake 

5. Life is a gift ; living is a habit . 


​Like every other day, I was indulged in scrolling my Instagram feed . “RIGHT ONE ” was the frequent and consistent word in every post , posted by Highly intellectual people .  “ ‘ Right one  ’ stays” etc .Etc. 

Somebody who tries to find answers , it was a great quest to learn who are the “ RIGHT ONE”? 

SIRRI !, Alexa ,  who are the right ones ??

 It was  first attempt , come out with no answer . Then I thought, Probably the ‘ God’ is the right one , I could not considered ‘ captain America ’ the first because he is fictional character . But considering ‘ God ’ as the right one took me to the year when I have had meeting with my ex – classmate, who owns completely different last name whenever I have encounter with him. During school days he was Hindu  , and his name was Aman Singh  , in university days hew was Christian and known as Aman Williams  . In last meeting he was follower of Islam and introduced himself as Mohammed Amin Ali. 

I asked him are you struggling to find “Right one ”?  He said – “ naah! I am struggling financially , and if  you are cult leader of any religion and able to help me  , “ Your god is my god ” .  He made me realized  “ God” is variable with respect to money , so I have to look for the new right one.  I went to my friend  , and I want to acknowledge My friend has third sense  ,  I asked him brother ! Please guide me to recognize the right one . With such a terrible smile he answered – “  if you sum up your whole life you will realize  , you will have spent approximately only 5 years of your life to make love or have sex with the right one ; the rest of the life spent in it’s influence . So the right one is not another human . You are the right one . I was satisfied by his answer but I continued my quest .

 In my quest to find right one , I have came across “ Bhagvad Gita ” and  I learned from it that there is no right one who could gracefully carry you through any situation except your own self .  Just try to realize your true self , because in the end it doesn’t even matter .

Coffee for two 

​“ we don’t make love as often as we used to ”. These lines are from ‘adultery ’ by Paulo Coelho which I have finished recently . Two things I want to clear,  first  fictional reading and second  the knowledge of my friend gives me hallucinations .  My friend said he has developed third sense , and literally I  believed in his claim because he told me the reason why our neighborhood country has been keep violating ceasefire . According to him, Alcohol is ban in their religion. So the soldiers consume marijuana or other kind of drugs , as results of this they perceive our soldiers everywhere, ha ha and starts firing for no reason . 

Sometimes I feel the reason my life appear as a flop movie script is because of my friend . Ha ha ! . 

Today , when we were sitting at coffee shop , he told me something same I had read in the book , and let me clear he has no idea who is Paulo Coelho . I am less / non attached to relationships But when people cries about the lost love, I pay attention to that . And to know the answer of this I asked  my friend  , who has third sense . “why people feels love is fading away from their life? ”He said – ” feeling lasts longer than commitment”.

We all wish our mind don’t lie to us  , it is tragic as well as  cute but we end up becoming slave of our mind . 

So I asked him please ! share the solution . He said – “ I am not sure whether we deserve to look love in other dimensions but we definitely deserve a coffee , because we ought to open our eyes to the truth , and the truth is love has never been lost .  So how we can reintroduce love , I asked and took a sip of coffee . He replied – “ I am not someone who has capabilities to reintroduce love but I can tell you it doesn’t matter what others do with love they reflects , only matter is what you do with yours .”  and those who are struggling should’ve stick on everything they had said in beginning of their relationships like written Constitution  . 


P.s. – “ Have your hot coffee on time -Rumi ”

Motor vehicle Act – 129/17/177

​Whenever you felt tired playing major cameo role in your own life ,  join gym that will solve none of your problems . I have joined gym and it was such a bad decision untill The last yoga day . 

My yoga day starts with sentence “ you take care of your health or someone else take care of it for you . And has ended with chasing a girl on our Honda Grazia moped . Yeah ! My friend have such a terrible but full of color moped . 

After 3 weeks of consistency , we have finally managed to have a conversation with the fittest girl . Thanks to rains . She has no interest to talk to us but we were the only people she could talk because every day we sit on the next seat beside her . She was getting late and her friend who used to pick her up, did not showed up yet . So she asked us  ( me ) to drop her at her home . As she was getting late for school , so she urged to drive fast . Sometimes I feel , My whole life is fabricated around “ Reach desired  place at time – Rumi ” quote .

“You don’t appear as a school student” , as I tried to speak something while driving since last 15 minutes , she said no! I am a teacher  and instruct to take right turn . I felt shiver in my spine and gave left indicator but took the right turn . And traffic police caught me at some miles ahead for driving without helmet . As police uncle checked my license ,“Kapil Dev without helmet batting against fast speed  , not fair .” And gave me fine recipiet of 250 INR . Uncle do you use Bhim App, Paytm , any mobile wallet because I have no hard cash and looked at the fittest girl but a didn’t give a damn about it. Police Uncle said – “ no ! Take a visit to traffic management office tomorrow” and let us go.

Then she said – “ well ! You did not introduce yourself , introduce yourself quickly ,  Kapil Dev ! , I said – “ I am the guy who gives left indicator but takes right turn.”  she laughed and said “are you born flirt or is flirting  your religion ? “ before 2014 I used to read Indian Express newspaper  but now I read The Hindu Newspaper ” I replied . We reached her home and she did not invited me in . She was in that much hurry but it costs me 250 INR . I could have bought two dairy milk silk Oreo or could have a coffee at CCD with taxes or could have fill my fuel tank with 3 liter petrol by that money but right now I want you all wear helmets while driving and always keep hard cash in your wallet.


​It takes Fragile moments for alcohol to go to your head and a gentle void to accept the fact  what we feel can be very different from what we know . In today’s world of mass ignorance , Sin becomes a thing that can only now be sacred .When you are in no power , have no idea what to do with all the  sufferings and left with no options then it is the time to  release every imprints left over from the karmic templates and strive to hold on to your energy that you can transmute,  for as long as you  can . Life is full of seemingly endless trouble and then life ends . Allow yourself to Befriend with the truth and make it your ally in all things to find peace in imperfect present . The emotional wounds imprints in your energy field curates what you consumes over again in your life untill you learn your lesson . Do not confuse truth with love , but find the Excellent old way through love . Nothing outside of you can determine that , you may need to enforce a 24 hour or more waiting period to allow your higher self to triumph but in the end you understand why you created them by tuning your home frequency .


​Been down for so long 

With too much heart 

Just to find peace 

That feels so urgent 

No wonder , if I don’t find it 

Maybe it’s the scariest 

Yet,  it’s also the most liberating truth 

But my persona is almost done 

And I don’t agree with 

Or like your definition of peace 

No .

You won’t find it either 

Yes! I am slow learner 

That doesn’t mean I want it unfair to you 

I hope for a split second 

You could found it 

Then , may be you will realise 

You were always bound to lose it 

Cause your heart never meant to handle it 

And it’s sweet because it has to be 


P.s. – ( on first date )

She- what  would you prefer Lolita a book or A movie ?

Me – peace

Don’t view it from afar 

​I sat in quiet light

I had plans 

I really did wait up for you 

All those nights

Now I am not well

Don’t view it from afar 

It had to hurt 

Caress my hair untill I die

Sew my lips shut

With your heartstrings 

I am about to touch my petals  

It’s been inside your heart 

Whole time 

Please ! Let me settle into a place 

Where I got all the things I want 

Wither with me 

Come slip with me 

Without any hesitation

Into new dimensions

You’ve not heard in ages  

I wish we could make it 

But that single tear slipping 

From corner of your eyes

Saved my soul 

All in one move without consent