Symphony of Peace

I ne'er wished to elapse at young I ne'er dreamt to kill another young I ne'er wanted to attentive at harrowing mountains I was not the Brave I was not born as a soldier There is a million different ways to serve you my dear nation But I chose To die at young To kill …

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Your eyes eloquent in language of cloudburst Softly Perceiving hard to espy At quiet quoin of Persian café Only light In the pale night Is The Bible baptizing me Above every feeling I ever known In bayou with unknown feelings KapildsRawat

Poetry of blues

In the cottony morning echoes Inquiring ardent Poetry of blues With knees gory and palm beggary She arises from the canopy of timber Eyes clenching more allegory than book in libraries A beauteous crisis could deface you If you look too nearly Lips like temples  Spilling truth after every mute prayer Voice like a Christmas …

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