” I am crumbling “

I find mostly in night I am crumbling Let my careworn hands to reach you Let me cuddle your shattered fiber core Let me feel my lost Eden I have been crumbling since I met you I am waiting to meet you again To kiss your life incised skin To dance with you in a …

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Every day, I find a missed clemency Pressed inside the pages of forest The clemency How you blush in solarise How you hustle with roar How you will get confused at astray Which symbolize you As last cloud In the sky I turn pages every day In a hope to find the clemency Which exemplify …

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” woods of dream “

She couldn't point the border between heaven and hell but she kept swinging back and forth she couldn't tell where the life ends and death starts but she kept walking on the edge like it would've been her other home Every night looking at star She Sails through eternal stargaze To find him In the …

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Closed eyes

I walk with wind My core flee free Close my eyes To learn the silent sound of Shattered dreams That deep of the existence Echoing at my heart Seen the artful dark ever Darkness with a substance You can close your eyes To the things you won't see But can't close your heart To the …

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Calypso Song

In the ruffling evening Million baroque deep On the weatherworn pages of his songbook She is the only Calypso song He want to recollect Her screams is the cushy act of wildness Meekly cloaked among white and black keys He want to seek and allude her body To rename the coral that never hurts KapildsRawat


It's drizzling And on a lost route She is tap dancing Vulnérable and mélancolique Dancing to make love his seul métaphors Every drizzle creating Nouveau lyric When touching her skin Siting and staring her From the calm niche of drenched attic Wishing she come and sit with him And speak nothing but Odeur amour © …

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” Confusion “

Stood near amidst river and shrine It was a quiet place Wind was blowing with pace Whispering of leaves pulsating An indescribable rhyme of empty romance Looked to the sky Tried to feel the way sky feels Imagined about stories sky has to share It’s little manageable to survive in nights For sky Nights are …

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Tomorrow Land

She was painting her fate on the white sheet, Spreading those colours on it and dripping her grief. She has lost her eyes but her heart still have the sight. Dying inside, all hopes died but she is waiting for the magical light. That day will come she is sure about it, One day her …

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