I shine upon you
as warm sunshine.
I am around you,
in soft winds.
The sweep of shadows ,
The hush of wings ,
I can see , your fingers through ;
The tender aspen leaves .
Trace your fingers
through the leaves,
As we hold hands through them
Find your smile in me.
Under the cover of your poems ,
Recite flowers to me ,
Until all the butterflies ,
Fill my lungs .
As the evening descends
Sleep under the stars,
Let the moon sprinkle it’s magic dust
And the stars twinkle with music.
Carry me distant ,
And renew this life ,
Iike I wait to see sunset ;
For soft rain and star’s gleam .
I’ll carry you without a doubt,
Away from the monsters.
To a place, where the
rain makes you
happy and stars shine.
I know ,
It all wrap me in Afghan,
And tenderly tie my heart ,
To clouds; one more time .

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