I was having a great time with my friends , and one of my friend said – “ I think, spirituality or enlightenment is a kind of mental health issue , it’s a some kind of unknown disease. ”
Irony dies a million deaths when a person tries to be dead serious about spirituality or enlightenment .
As we know , enlightenment is something where there is nothing to worry about, an end of sufferings ; according to Buddha . And we all are well aware of fact that enlightenment is not for everyone . But , apart from these definitions , I was very interested in my friend’s definition of enlightenment or spirituality . I have been meditating since long time . And one thing I learnt is meditation makes your mind dull or in other terms it take you a state which is beyond thinking or knowing , so I tried to make my friend understand that it’s not a disease or a mental health issue . And I asked him why you have this wrong opinion about spirituality or enlightenment ? He told me , brother ! I don’t want to leave the pleasure of this world , I want to live luxury life , I want to party and all . That’s why I feel , it’s a disease.
It was a very interesting response , so I asked him , – have you seen any ant , spiders or birds partying all the day and whole night ? Do you know why you were born for ? Or were you created to have pleasure in your entire life , which is very short time period ?

And his answer was no , but I don’t want to leave things behind . I don’t want to be spiritual or enlightened .
So , I reassured him – “ Brother , there is one thing you should know about spirituality or enlightenment ; it does not apply to everybody . Just learn to be authentically you . And That’s it .”

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