Few days back , I have had a chance to visit the place where Osho got enlightenment . Some people sitting around that tree and meditating in a hope to be enlightened like Osho. All of them were foreigner ha ha because no local cares about Osho . Whenever I see something that’s make me curious , I try to find out , so I ask them ( yeah ! My English is good)- “ if there were no Osho , what would you do ? Why you need a guru ? Why you need a method to attain higher pleasure ? And the answer was , what I was expecting ; they never thought about it or they don’t know . Oh god ! . These answers made me so angry ha ha nope ! Because we can’t answer somethings which is beyond our repetitive tradition . Most of us are not willing to find out things by one self , we look for help . And we never get a help till we willingly release past connection or memory cords .
Be whatever you like but do add “ Highely sensitive ” to the list . Highest sensitivity is a highest intelligence , other wise there is no difference between a programmed machine and us . We have choice of how we use our energy and when you see clearly there is neither pleasure , nor displeasure . There is nothing to argue about . So it’s really foolishness of escaping from that into something which is a concept , a belief in the master , in Osho etc. We know all that stuff . So important that we learn to love .learn from very beginning – no , not the beginning , but now – to love . not tomorrow , because there is no tomorrow . Tomorrow is only search for pleasure , or fear or pain . There is no method to learn love , maybe some guru or Osho knows a little better but when you have learnt what is love then you won’t need anything to do . Then where you are , you have heaven ; then all seeking comes to an end .

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