​If question is “what you know ? ” the answer might be lengthy ; if question is “what you don’t know ?” the length of answer would be  shortened . Last day ,  I was traveling to unknown .  A very boring movie was on television  screen of the bus ; so I was reading U G Krisnmurti’s “ Mystique of enlightenment ” and I’ve got disturbed by a such a random question , “ Do you believe in ‘enlightenment ’? ” Every single day , there is a full chance to encounter a person who has time to care about what are you doing .  And I have met that person , disguise as  5 ft. tall girl with glasses , in white shirt and black jeans . And then she took the seat next to me and “ have you ever seen mystic dog or mystic cat ?  You know , there are so many food channels for humans and each channel has different kind of food to offer ; but animals are happy with a single type of food . All types of problems are only exist in humans , then she stopped and give me a  look for an answer . 

Not the first time , that I had felt lack of words to answer this question ; but I answered – “ There is no such state , known as enlightenment . But there been animals in this world , those are extinct now . Let not consider them because you can’t see them right now ; so let’s take stars because you can see them from any corner of world . ” and she said – “okay ! Then? ”

“ can you tell me the name of every star ?” I asked her ;

She said – “ No! .But what’s your point here .”

One of the most difficult things in the world is to make other understand your point . But I tried and replied “ you can’t recognize every star but  you can recognize the moon ; it’s easier to learn things that are nearer to you . Even you can’t tell me how the star word came in existence , yet  you can tell me that bright thing in sky are stars .” “ How this define enlightenment ?” she asked again ; “Concept of things change , as you grow . enlightenment is a concept that helps you to understand that change , helps you to understand from where the “star ” word came.” as I took pause,  she laughed ; And  bus stopped , for upcoming passengers. 



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