Moments of clarity 

​Things those are lost , in reality aren’t utterly lost . It is sweet ,  when you are full of love because it gives you sense to see from what evils you are yourself exempt . But nothing is more welcome than to be aware of  your own pattern and to be conscious about your motivation.

If you think  that at the end of the day your lights are small and not capable of giving birth to new motion of things . Just remember you did not do it for recognition. But if anyone believes that you are doing it to find yourself , remind them you aren’t lost . You are remembering . You have been never lost ; what you have done , all the good you have shouted and all the bad you have whispered – were methods to release the energetic pattern that created this experience . 

Again things which look to you  difficult and new ,  then  still stay on your lane and allow them as they are ,  while remain in tune in with them without your senses . And you will figured out that same old element, which helps them make up a single nature . 


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