The one Himalayan Messiah who sold his assistant . 

​If I ever write a book , the title would be The one Himalayan Messiah who sold his assistant . Yeah ! I know about Robin Sharma but this book will be based on my friend who has third sense . And it was a great experience to have him around after so long on last friendship day. We were sitting , staring passing girls and drinking coke ; then I asked him “ when did you first realise that you have a third sense , did you meditated under a tree for almost a year or something else? ”

With calm on face he replied – “are you able to see the tree , next to you . If yes ! Then tell me what’s special about it ? And I said yeah ! But there is nothing special in it . “ Nope ! You are not true to yourself ; you have had glimpse of that but you don’t want to mention because you are trying so hard to Walk with civilized society ” and he  pointed his finger to  the vaginal shape mid of tree. 

“ sexuality is not something you should be proud of; neither you should be ashamed of , it’s a sacred thing. The day when you realised it , you will take first step towards path of self realization . And for that you don’t need to mediate for hours , all you need is embrace the nature .I was confused , and seriously !  I didn’t saw that vaginal shape but I asked him brother ! What led you to think about this nonsense things , breakup ? Have you ever went on a date with a girl ? 

He laughed and said  I went to purchase pregnancy kit with a girl ha ha ! , And the medical store owner gave me the same stern look  , you are giving me right now and formed a negative opinion about me with out knowing the situation . This is the major problem with people they pre assume everything , that girl and I were only knows each other from just a week ago . When you end up jumping to the conclusion  and remain focused on journey , it will be a second step towards your spiritual awakening . Things were getting serious , so I changed the topic and tell him look the girls passing us but why they all are no taller than 5 ft 4 inches ? And he laughed “ Because our government gives subsidies ha ha and growth isn’t possible till you have back support . I laughed too; and  said – “ You were born in gym ( according to him) and when you were born your dad said now I have a new dummble but still your physique is no closer to Mr Olympia , what’s the reason ?”  and he answered because I consume 1 INR kilograms rice and you know what “ you reflects what you intake ”  . And we left the place  but I learned five amendment of my friend which helps to develop third sense like him , that are following :-

1. Sexuality is sacred 

2. Growth is not possible untill you truly want to grow .

3. Don’t pre-assume anything 

4. You reflects what you intake 

5. Life is a gift ; living is a habit . 


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