​Like every other day, I was indulged in scrolling my Instagram feed . “RIGHT ONE ” was the frequent and consistent word in every post , posted by Highly intellectual people .  “ ‘ Right one  ’ stays” etc .Etc. 

Somebody who tries to find answers , it was a great quest to learn who are the “ RIGHT ONE”? 

SIRRI !, Alexa ,  who are the right ones ??

 It was  first attempt , come out with no answer . Then I thought, Probably the ‘ God’ is the right one , I could not considered ‘ captain America ’ the first because he is fictional character . But considering ‘ God ’ as the right one took me to the year when I have had meeting with my ex – classmate, who owns completely different last name whenever I have encounter with him. During school days he was Hindu  , and his name was Aman Singh  , in university days hew was Christian and known as Aman Williams  . In last meeting he was follower of Islam and introduced himself as Mohammed Amin Ali. 

I asked him are you struggling to find “Right one ”?  He said – “ naah! I am struggling financially , and if  you are cult leader of any religion and able to help me  , “ Your god is my god ” .  He made me realized  “ God” is variable with respect to money , so I have to look for the new right one.  I went to my friend  , and I want to acknowledge My friend has third sense  ,  I asked him brother ! Please guide me to recognize the right one . With such a terrible smile he answered – “  if you sum up your whole life you will realize  , you will have spent approximately only 5 years of your life to make love or have sex with the right one ; the rest of the life spent in it’s influence . So the right one is not another human . You are the right one . I was satisfied by his answer but I continued my quest .

 In my quest to find right one , I have came across “ Bhagvad Gita ” and  I learned from it that there is no right one who could gracefully carry you through any situation except your own self .  Just try to realize your true self , because in the end it doesn’t even matter .


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