Coffee for two 

​“ we don’t make love as often as we used to ”. These lines are from ‘adultery ’ by Paulo Coelho which I have finished recently . Two things I want to clear,  first  fictional reading and second  the knowledge of my friend gives me hallucinations .  My friend said he has developed third sense , and literally I  believed in his claim because he told me the reason why our neighborhood country has been keep violating ceasefire . According to him, Alcohol is ban in their religion. So the soldiers consume marijuana or other kind of drugs , as results of this they perceive our soldiers everywhere, ha ha and starts firing for no reason . 

Sometimes I feel the reason my life appear as a flop movie script is because of my friend . Ha ha ! . 

Today , when we were sitting at coffee shop , he told me something same I had read in the book , and let me clear he has no idea who is Paulo Coelho . I am less / non attached to relationships But when people cries about the lost love, I pay attention to that . And to know the answer of this I asked  my friend  , who has third sense . “why people feels love is fading away from their life? ”He said – ” feeling lasts longer than commitment”.

We all wish our mind don’t lie to us  , it is tragic as well as  cute but we end up becoming slave of our mind . 

So I asked him please ! share the solution . He said – “ I am not sure whether we deserve to look love in other dimensions but we definitely deserve a coffee , because we ought to open our eyes to the truth , and the truth is love has never been lost .  So how we can reintroduce love , I asked and took a sip of coffee . He replied – “ I am not someone who has capabilities to reintroduce love but I can tell you it doesn’t matter what others do with love they reflects , only matter is what you do with yours .”  and those who are struggling should’ve stick on everything they had said in beginning of their relationships like written Constitution  . 


P.s. – “ Have your hot coffee on time -Rumi ”


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