Motor vehicle Act – 129/17/177

​Whenever you felt tired playing major cameo role in your own life ,  join gym that will solve none of your problems . I have joined gym and it was such a bad decision untill The last yoga day . 

My yoga day starts with sentence “ you take care of your health or someone else take care of it for you . And has ended with chasing a girl on our Honda Grazia moped . Yeah ! My friend have such a terrible but full of color moped . 

After 3 weeks of consistency , we have finally managed to have a conversation with the fittest girl . Thanks to rains . She has no interest to talk to us but we were the only people she could talk because every day we sit on the next seat beside her . She was getting late and her friend who used to pick her up, did not showed up yet . So she asked us  ( me ) to drop her at her home . As she was getting late for school , so she urged to drive fast . Sometimes I feel , My whole life is fabricated around “ Reach desired  place at time – Rumi ” quote .

“You don’t appear as a school student” , as I tried to speak something while driving since last 15 minutes , she said no! I am a teacher  and instruct to take right turn . I felt shiver in my spine and gave left indicator but took the right turn . And traffic police caught me at some miles ahead for driving without helmet . As police uncle checked my license ,“Kapil Dev without helmet batting against fast speed  , not fair .” And gave me fine recipiet of 250 INR . Uncle do you use Bhim App, Paytm , any mobile wallet because I have no hard cash and looked at the fittest girl but a didn’t give a damn about it. Police Uncle said – “ no ! Take a visit to traffic management office tomorrow” and let us go.

Then she said – “ well ! You did not introduce yourself , introduce yourself quickly ,  Kapil Dev ! , I said – “ I am the guy who gives left indicator but takes right turn.”  she laughed and said “are you born flirt or is flirting  your religion ? “ before 2014 I used to read Indian Express newspaper  but now I read The Hindu Newspaper ” I replied . We reached her home and she did not invited me in . She was in that much hurry but it costs me 250 INR . I could have bought two dairy milk silk Oreo or could have a coffee at CCD with taxes or could have fill my fuel tank with 3 liter petrol by that money but right now I want you all wear helmets while driving and always keep hard cash in your wallet.


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